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One of the most difficult issues to resolve after a marriage comes to an end is: who gets custody of the children? Once children are involved, an otherwise “simple divorce” can turn into an ugly, highly emotional custody battle.

Cheyenne Juvenile Law

That’s why working out a custody agreement is not something that you should try to do on your own. These issues are best handled by a child custody attorney who can protect your rights while keeping your child’s best interests top of mind.

The Wyoming Legal Group is Here for You

The Wyoming Legal Group provides straightforward counsel and strong representation for child custody cases in Cheyenne, WY. Principal attorney Samuel Hucke IV is a child custody attorney who can help you through all stages of the divorce and child custody process.

He has substantial experience in negotiating, establishing, and enforcing child custody agreements. Throughout the process he aims to minimize animosity between parents so that a fair and productive outcome can be reached in the calmest manner possible.

The Best Representation for Contested Custody Cases

Sometimes, however, parents cannot come to any agreement on child custody. That situation is known as contested custody. At that point the parents of the child must seek the court’s help in determining a custody arrangement for their family.

Getting the court involved should always be a last resort to resolve a contested custody case. However, having an experienced and compassionate child custody attorney such as Samuel Hucke by your side can help make the litigation process less stressful and easier to manage. He is committed to protecting your rights and promoting the best interests of your child each step along the way.

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