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Legal issues involving family can be immensely stressful and highly emotional. When you are facing any type of family law matter, it is critical to work with an attorney who has the experience, knowledge, and compassion to help you navigate the process in the quickest, least painful, and most economical manner possible.

Cheyenne Family Lawyers

Whether you are dealing with divorce, child custody, spousal support, or another family law matter, the team at the Wyoming Legal Group can help. We have assisted countless clients as they end one chapter and begin the next, protecting their rights and best interests and keeping them fully informed throughout the entire process. Contact one of our Cheyenne family law attorneys today at (307) 414-9495 for a confidential consultation about your case.

Our Services

At the Wyoming Legal Group, our Cheyenne family law attorneys deal with all matters of family law. Some of the most common cases we handle involve:

Dispute Resolution & Trial Representation

It is always our goal to settle family law matters outside of the courtroom. Going to trial can be expensive, stressful, and time-consuming. Pre-trial resolutions are typically in everyone’s best interest, but the reality is that avoiding trial isn’t always an option.

At the Wyoming Legal Group, our litigation team is prepared to take your case to court. We have decades of experience fighting for our client’s rights at trial, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that the process is as quick, painless, and cost-effective as possible.

Objective Advice

Emotions run high in family law cases, and it is often difficult to “see clearly.” One of the primary advantages of having a trusted attorney by your side is the objective advice they can provide. An experienced family lawyer will consider your feelings every step of the way, but they will also offer objective, fact-based advice with your best interests in mind. This can prevent you from making strictly heart-based decisions (think guilt and shame) with long-term, negative parental, or financial implications.

Emotional Support

Our compassionate lawyers understand the emotional complexities of legal issues involving family matters. Although we are not therapists, we have, in many ways, “seen it all.” As such, our WY family lawyers have become quite adept at anticipating issues before they arise and helping clients process the darker aspects of family law issues when such situations become inevitable.

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If you are facing any type of family law matter, the skilled legal team at the Wyoming Legal Group can help. We have been protecting the rights of individuals and families in Cheyenne and across Wyoming for decades, and we have an impressive track record of obtaining the results our clients want in a timely, economical manner. Don’t go through this challenging time without skilled counsel by your side. Contact the Wyoming Legal Group today at 307-459-6700 for a confidential consultation about your case.

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