There are few processes more difficult on your mental and emotional well-being than divorce. On Dartmouth College’s Life Change Index scale, a divorce ranks second only to the death of a spouse on the stress index. As divorce attorneys, we will first work to understand what’s most important to you. Then, we will develop a personalized legal strategy for your divorce case to protect the things that matter most and to gain what you’ll need to maintain as much of your former lifestyle as possible. A divorce requires that you take proactive steps, guided by experienced legal counsel, to protect your best interests and your rights.

Cheyenne Divorce Attorneys

Take Control of Your Divorce and Your Future

Whether you and your spouse have reached the difficult decision to end your marriage together or your spouse suddenly announced they want a divorce without discussing it with you first, you might be unsure where to turn. Reaching out to a divorce lawyer might feel scary, but we find that taking a proactive approach to your family’s changing needs and dynamics gives clients a much-needed sense of control during what can seem like an overwhelmingly uncertain and stressful time.

That’s why, if you’re contemplating a separation or going through a divorce, then you want to make sure that you have the right divorce attorney by your side here in Cheyenne, WY.

Wyoming Legal Group is Here for You

Whether you and your spouse are separating amicably or you’re barely speaking to one another, getting divorced raises many questions and can be one of the most stressful and emotional times you’ll ever go through.

Wyoming Legal Group provides compassionate counsel, solid advice, and strong representation throughout the complex and stressful proceedings of a divorce in Cheyenne, WY. Your divorce represents both the end and the beginning of something, and we honor the emotions involved in this pivotal time, while at the same time ensuring you’re set up for the kind of life you want post-separation.

Your divorce lawyer at Wyoming Legal Group will employ a variety of effective legal strategies to help you achieve a successful outcome in your divorce proceeding. Though our goal is to settle disputes between separating spouses amicably when possible, Attorney Samuel Hucke and his legal team have also handled highly contested divorces and child custody cases. We are here for our clients in whatever ways they need.

We believe the key to our success as divorce attorneys stems from our commitment to transparent communication. After listening to your concerns and your priorities, we will give you an objective assessment of your options to help you make informed decisions throughout your entire divorce. We aim to be accessible to our clients during this transitional time in their lives by returning calls promptly and keeping each client’s goal as our number one priority.

Legal Counsel with Compassion

Attorneys from Wyoming Legal Group will carefully listen to your concerns, your questions, and your desired outcomes of the divorce proceedings. Once we understand your unique circumstances and priorities, our next steps can include:

  • Filing for divorce or legal separation
  • Establishing living arrangements
  • Dividing property and assets
  • Assigning responsibility for joint debts
  • Determining child support payments
  • Establishing parenting time
  • Filing restraining orders (if necessary)

When it comes to child custody arrangements, we endeavor to ease both you and your child into your new way of life. Should modifications to custody or child support orders be needed in the future, we can help to bring about whatever change is best for your family.

Most importantly, Wyoming Legal Group will provide counsel with as much care and compassion as possible because we understand that protecting your emotional well-being during this difficult time is just as important as protecting your rights.

Bottom line: Wyoming Legal Group has a team of accomplished family law attorneys, and we know how to advocate for our clients both inside and outside of the courtroom.

A Customized Solution for Your Family’s Unique Situation

When it comes to a familial separation, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we customize our approach to suit you and your family’s needs and unique circumstances.

Only an experienced legal team can support you through the complex legal process and emotional turmoil of a divorce in the way that you deserve. At Wyoming Legal Group, we’re confident we can provide you with an experience that does justice to this transitional time in your life and that sets you up for a happy and successful future.

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Whether a divorce was your decision or came as a surprise to you, don’t sit back and let your family situation change without advocating for the things that matter most to you. Take proactive steps to safeguard your priorities. At Wyoming Legal Group, we pride ourselves in our unique skill to ease our clients here in Cheyenne, WY, through this transition.

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