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Child custody cases can be particularly fraught with emotions for you and your entire family. Messy custody hearings are neither in your best interest nor the child. We will work diligently to ensure that your rights as a parent are protected throughout the entire custodial process. As child custody attorneys, we will analyze your personal situation and create the best strategy to ensure that you receive the time with your children that you deserve as their parent. When something as precious as your relationship with your child is at stake, be proactive and ensure that Wyoming Legal Group is on your side.

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Child Custody in Cheyenne, WY

One of the most commonly disputed issues among divorcing couples is child custody. The golden rule of child custody disputes is to do “what is in the best interest of the child.” However, the parents of the child don’t usually agree on what is in the best interest of their child. What happens then?

If you are a parent who is getting divorced or facing a contested custody matter in Cheyenne, WY, deciding on custody arrangements is never easy. That’s why you want to make sure that you have the right child custody lawyer by your side. With the guidance of an experienced child custody lawyer, you can take a proactive approach to protecting your rights as a parent and the family relationships that matter to you.

Facts about Child Custody in Cheyenne, WY

There are two types of child custody that may be granted by the court in Cheyenne, WY:

Legal custody – The parent or parents who have legal custody of the child can both have input into decisions that will impact how the child will be raised. A parent who has legal custody can make decisions about where the child attends school, what religion is practiced, what activities or extracurricular activities are pursued, and what type of medical care the child receives.

Physical custody – This specifies where the child’s primary residence will be. It also determines a schedule for when the child can visit or spend time with the parent not living at the primary residence.

Obviously, the most effective child custody agreements are best reached when both parents put forth a good faith effort to do what is best for the child. However, if an agreement can’t be reached, then you’ll need an experienced family lawyer with you in court.

Wyoming Legal Group is Here for You

Wyoming Legal Group provides compassionate counsel, solid advice, and strong representation throughout the child custody process in Cheyenne, WY. At Wyoming Legal Group, our attorneys are committed to effectively representing your interests in child custody negotiations and in court.

After listening to your concerns and gaining an understanding of your desired custodial priorities, our experienced legal team will employ a variety of effective legal strategies to help you achieve a successful outcome in your child custody case. Though our goal is to settle disputes between separating parents amicably when possible, Attorney Samuel Hucke and his legal team have also handled highly contested child custody cases. We are here for our clients in whatever ways they need.

When it comes to child custody arrangements, we endeavor to ease both you and your child into your new way of life. Should modifications to custody or child support orders be needed in the future, we can help to bring about whatever change is best for your family.

We believe the key to our success as family law attorneys stems from our commitment to transparent communication. After listening to your parental concerns and your priorities, we will give you an objective assessment of your options to help you make informed decisions during your child custody proceeding. We aim to be accessible to our clients during this transitional time in their lives by returning calls promptly and keeping each client’s goals as our number one priority.

The Right Approach for Your Family

When it comes to determining what’s best for your child, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we customize our approach to suit you and your child’s needs and unique circumstances.

Only an experienced legal team can support you through the complex legal process and emotional turmoil of a child custody hearing in the way that you deserve. At Wyoming Legal Group, we’re confident we can provide you with an experience that does justice to this transitional time in your life and that sets you and your child up for a happy and successful future.

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Take proactive steps to safeguard your priorities and your rights as a parent. At Wyoming Legal group, we pride ourselves in our unique skill to ease our clients here in Cheyenne, WY, through this transition.

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